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Why choose Maria Chocolate

At Maria Chocolate we attach great importance to meeting the needs of each customer, which is why many of our chocolates can be personalized with your company’s details or logo. That way you will be able to retain your customers by offering a high quality product that is totally different from what is found on the market. Quality dedication and love is what you find with us.

Unlike industrial chocolates sold in supermarkets, all our products are handmade, we look for small producers to get the best product on the market, so we try to produce to order to guarantee the longest possible consumption period.

The best chocolate for your company

Customized Packaging

We customize the packaging of our chocolates to transform them into your brand's products. We have at your disposal a wide range of boxes in different finishes and you can customize your image with the company logo, photos, messages among others...

Personalized Chocolates

We transform our delicious chocolates into a product that attracts customers to your company. Make our extensive product offering your own. For this we can insert your company logo, slogans, welcome or farewell messages... in delicious chocolates... It will be a unique advertising medium!

Business Gifts

Do you want to give promotional gifts to your customers? Today all companies make the same gifts, so chocolate is a guaranteed hit: Firstly, you are not going to donate useless objects that are not used, and secondly, it is a wise choice! Know someone who doesn't like chocolate? Thank you boxes, truffle boxes, boxes filled with chocolates chosen by you and for you...

Local Hotels-Accommodations

We supply chocolates and truffles and other assorted chocolates for hotels and local accommodation. Give your customers a good memory of their stay at your hotel or local accommodation! Without a doubt, chocolate has the power to captivate.

We customize our products to give them your brand image.

Chocolates in the room

Leave a chocolate in your guest's room. With this simple gesture, they will feel pampered in their temporary home. A little chocolate, a Neapolitan are the little details that set your hotel apart from the rest. Welcome is a crucial moment when checking in at a hotel. Our chocolates are so delicious… they will see your room with different eyes!

Chocolates for the reception 

Have you ever thought about the sensations you can create in a customer when arriving or leaving your hotel or local accommodation? If you deliver a delicious chocolate at check-in or check-out, it will provoke gratitude. And that's the memory that the customer takes away! We have several models to choose from, the limit is your imagination.

Chocolates in the cafeteria

Leave a chocolate with the coffee and it will be the best coffee your customer has ever had! This small detail can increase the coffee shop's revenue and guests won't look elsewhere for coffee, helping to increase your sales.

Chocolates in the restaurant

Want to spice up your dessert menu? How about we add a section of pure origin chocolates? We can also use chocolates and truffles of various flavors to decorate a dish. In the case of buffets… a table full of chocolates can be the biggest dream of any guest. You can also count on us to have products on special occasions..Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Weddings, among others...

Gift Box

We have several exclusive gift boxes of selected chocolates. Ideal for VIP customers, to be offered to your employee of the month, among other possibilities... We guarantee that receiving a handmade gift box as a gift will have a surprising effect on the recipient. At the same time they are delicious, they are exclusive, they are products that are not found in supermarkets and are not comparable.

The best chocolate for your company

Why Maria Chocolate?
Our chocolates are handmade. We manufacture to order to ensure the best flavor and freshness. These are exclusive chocolates and we customize the product to make it yours. Our recipes are exclusive and very tasty.

"Our exclusive, handcrafted chocolates are the best marketing tool for your business. Made with love and dedication."

Delight your customers with our varied flavors.

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